Friday, March 25, 2011

Threes: Beautiful bows

By now I'm pretty sure that you are aware that I like jewelry...and you may have also figured out that I like girly you may not be surprised to know that I would wear jewelry with pretty little bows on it. In fact, I have. When I was little, I got a fabulous set of gold bow earrings and a matching necklace. The bows had a 'diamond' for a knot. I remember wearing them a lot and I actually still have them in my jewelry box. And yes, that jewelry box plays music.

These bow earrings from Tiffany & Co. are a bit more grown-up...and they're quite possibly the prettiest bow earrings on the planet:

A quarter carat of real diamonds and platinum...definitely more expensive than the ones sitting in my jewelry box!

A little too dainty for you? Well then, how about a pretty pink and gold bow wrapped around your wrist. Of course, it's Kate Spade:

I'm quite sure I gasped when I saw this bracelet the first time. I love bows, I love pink, and I love hinged bracelets. Absolute girly perfection. If I had this, I'm sure my 3-year old niece would want one to match mine!

I would wear that bracelet and I would also want to wear this Anthropology necklace at the same time...although I would try to refrain from wearing both at the same time because I'm very aware that people would judge and sneer...or perhaps I would just stick it to them and wear my shoes that have bows and one of my various bow shirts all at the same time, hmmm...

I think the knotted little wire bow is so delicate and pretty. Maybe bows aren't for everyone...but I'll gladly wear them to make up for the non-bow wearing people of the world.

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