Sunday, June 19, 2011

A very productive weekend

Can you actually believe this?:

We hung up the white frames in my office/the spare bedroom! They're above my little white desk. I don't have them all filled yet but today we decided to get them up on the wall and I'll worry about that later. Isn't my husband epic at hanging up picture frames? We used those handy little velcro picture hangers that we also used for the frames in our bedroom. I helped with the measuring tape and that was pretty much it. I'm very happy to finally get this project done (well, almost done!). It was February when I asked you for advice on how to hang them (I actually strayed a bit from my original layouts...sorry little round frame)!

Today I also hemmed (with that super iron-on hemming stuff) my new curtains for my office. I got them at IKEA a couple weeks ago. They're the HEDDA BLAD and I think they're pretty cute. Seriously, $19.99 is ridiculously cheap for a set of curtains! Here's a close-up pic:

I've got a few more projects to finish up and then I'll give you a tour of the whole room.

Dave also got the tv hung up on the wall in the living room (I guess he did that on Thursday night...our project this weekend was watching tv!). Here's a pic of all the hardware he had to install:

He had to cut some pretty big holes in the wall for the two plates that direct the cables. Scary stuff! But he did a great job and we're very happy having the tv mounted on the wall above our new tv bench. Our living room is still in a bit of a state and I haven't finished redecorating so you will have to wait for some 'after' pics down the road.

I really really really love weekends!

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