Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Threes: Cute stools/side tables/foot rests

It's been a while since I've done a 'Threes' edition but wanted to share some sweet little stools/side tables/footrests...sort of a hodge podge I suppose! Anyways, I was out shopping at Sew & Home, which is one of my favourite home design stores in this fine little city, and among many other things this little stool caught my eye:

They're made by Gus and called Pawn Stools. Cute right? The price, however, is not so cute! I really dig the Zebrano wood in the first pic, which doesn't really show how stripy it is.

And next, take a look at these cute little guys that I came across one day when I was web surfing:

They're from Design Within Reach and are the Frank Gehry Left Twist Cubes. I love the bright colours and think I would seriously need them if I had that pool. They'd be lovely as drink holders, no?

And finally, here's something quite different but perhaps a little more reasonable:

It's a Knitted Pouf from CB2. Basically a knit-covered bean bag chair! I think it would be very lovely as a foot rest or as a stool. Not sure it would be much of a drink holder though!

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