Friday, July 8, 2011

Rock border along the fence

We got a good start on another project! Today we finished the rock border on one side of our fence. The rock has been patiently waiting for us in the back alley! We bought some lawn edging and after some work in the hot sun we now have this:

First, Dave dug out the grass 9 inches from the fence:

Then he put the lawn edging in which is about 5 inches deep. He packed soil and gravel so it looked like this:

And then we (this is where I actually put my work gloves on!) cut and placed the landscape fabric using those handy little corn plastic pegs. Then we sunk in some solar lights:

And finally, added the rock. Voila:

The poor grass is looking a little rough, but it'll perk up! We still have the other side of the yard to do but now that we know what we're doing it'll go even faster. It looks nice and neat and hopefully will make cutting the grass much easier with our electric reel mower.


  1. What kind of edge did you use look good. Thanks

  2. What kind of edge did you use look good. Thanks

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