Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Antique earrings

I got new earrings...that are old! I was at the mall in Winnipeg and there was an antique fair/flea market type thing happening. Dave was enamoured with the old comics and video game kind of stuff while I was over the moon to look at all the vintage jewelry. I bought these incredible earrings:

Aren't they ever so pretty? Okay, you may be wondering why the dangly part isn't attached to the post part...and the answer is I may have accidently broke them. Yep, they were intact and I busted them. I decided to clean them with my silver polish (in my defense, they're sterling silver and were very tarnished in a grubby kind of way not the pretty way) and was clearly not gentle enough! I'm not freaking out because I think I'm going to be able to go buy some new sterling silver posts and just attach them. People in the vintage jewelry business would not appreciate this, I know. However, I know I'll wear them more with regular posts because the screw-type posts really really hurt my ears! And shouldn't jewelry be worn rather than kept in a jewelry box? I mean really.

Anyways, I love them. I've never seen anything like them at any of the antique stores or flea markets that I've been to. They look like darling little picture frames:

The man selling them told me what the black stone is but I don't remember. It's polished on the front and matte in the back. I love the detail of the silver and the little crystal-like stones. There are a dozen of them on each earring and I was so grateful that none of them fell out as I polished. I made sure not to overdo the polishing so the silver still has a nice patina.

Hopefully I can get some new posts and wear these little beauties soon!

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