Thursday, September 1, 2011

A beautiful nursery: Take two

So back in April I posted about the beautiful nursery of a beautiful little boy named SuperKid (okay, that's not really his name!). Check it out here. Since then, SuperMom, SuperDad, and SuperKid have moved into a new home. They kept many things the same in his new room but also made some changes. I just had to show you some pictures of what his room looks like now. Take a look:

A new layout for the crib and change table and the previous glider was switched out for their yellow loveseat. I also love the addition of the paper hot air balloons along with the paper cloud cut-outs:

So cute! The adorable leaf is still over the crib. And there's some more paper cutouts on this wall:

Here's a view of the wall where the closet is:

I love the addition of the clothes hooks. It's functional but also a great way to display some of SuperKid's cute little clothes. The cute art was made by SuperMom (you can see a closer pic in my previous post).

An adorable room for an adorable kid!


  1. Cute room! Love the yellow chair/couch. Sweet.

  2. I know SuperMom will be happy to read your comment Amy!