Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More Swedish design

Since I love all things Swedish, I love looking at sites all about Swedish design. The site From Sthlm is a fabulous online shop that features different Swedish designers each month (I posted about it once before here). I love seeing who and what they are featuring. This month they're featuring Camp Cirrus. I was so impressed that I also searched for their site to see more of their line and wowsa, I would take one of everything please. They have throws, pillow covers, trays, textile jars, and bags all in fantastic patterns.

Here's a couple of pics from the From Sthlm site of things that I think would look amazing in my house. I have a bit of a thing for trays (and I love red and I love polka dots!) so I could easily see this RUND tray in my kitchen:

And because I love grey and pretty pillows, this BLAD knit pillow cover would look fantastic in my living room (especially once I get my grey couch...soon friends, soon!):

Gorgeous. Camp Cirrus has been added to my bookmarks!


  1. I think you should open up a shop featuring all Swedish design! They're still leasing spaces in the shopping area nearby :)

  2. Oh Shawna Beans...that would be a dream come true! Interested in being a partner?! Actually, I was trying to convince our friend who has the capital and business mind(!) that a home decor shop would do amazing in our area. Making it all Swedish would be the icing on the cake!!!