Friday, September 30, 2011

Zigzags...and circles

We got the lamp I wanted for the living room and I also impulse purchased some sweet zigzag patterned pillows at Pier 1 Imports:

The pillows have a sweet retro feel...the yarn stitching is super soft and the back is a velvety fabric in the dark teal colour. I like the bright lime and turquoise colours and how punchy they look with the dark brown leather couch. Even though this couch is heading to the basement someday soon, it still deserves fantastic pillows! I actually look forward to decorating the basement living room one day with these pillows as my jumping off point.

And then there's our new lamp! We are really liking it but will be even happier when we get the bright white drum shade we had to order for it. I'm very disappointed that Pier 1's website says it has a "clean white shade" because it isn't even close to white. It couldn't even pass for ivory! It's essentially tan with a darker shade of tan on the inside. It really blends in with the paint. Blech! So we've ordered a white shade that is pretty much the same size (16" x 12"). We got the lamp on sale so that sort of makes up having to buy a white lamp shade. Sort of! But it's going to look pretty darn snappy once everything else in the room comes together.


  1. Oooh Kelly. Love that pillow! The lamps fabulous too :D They pair great together!