Saturday, September 22, 2012

Garden bounty

Last Sunday afternoon, Dave and I harvested what was left in the garden and cleaned up all the plants. When we were done, we had the counters full of fresh garden goodness but we ordered pizza for supper because we were too tired to cook! Actually, I had done some baking with the rhubarb:
A rhubarb crisp! In the pic, it's not baked yet...but I did bake it and it was delicious, I tell you. And with that chopped up rhubarb, I made muffins that were also scrumptious. It was very exciting to have my newish rhubarb plant produce this year. And next year there will likely be so much that I'll need to give some away!

Dave has been eating tomatoes like crazy and there are still lots to eat:
I recommend (or maybe I should say Dave recommends) this variety called Bush Early Girl. I figure we'll grow it again next year. I never ate any tomatoes this year...even though they look pretty, I really don't even like the smell of them! 

My carrots were pretty sparse but we certainly got enough:
In this pic, they're all washed up and drying on paper towel before being put in a ziploc and stored in the fridge. Garden carrots are so delicious. I forget how good they are! They make store-bought baby carrots taste like cardboard.

I didn't snap a pic of the potatoes we harvested, but here's a shot of the last sweet peas of the year:
My oh my, they do smell sweet. And they are just so crazy pretty. I will certainly plant them again next year, but not so insanely thick. They completely swamped the bamboo teepee! Hopefully it won't be pouring rain when I plant them next year!

I have to say it was another good garden year. The only less-than-successful things were the corn and the pumpkin. For the corn, there were some cobs but they weren't good and the pumpkins only got an inch big and then died. C'est la vie. I'm already pondering next year's garden! Something new might be strawberries perhaps!


  1. Yum, yum, yum... that's all I have to say... glad your garden produced lots of delicious items for you... and thanks for inspiring me to garden again as well!