Monday, October 1, 2012

Shed in progress

Hooray! My mom and grandma came for a visit this weekend and brought my parent's truck (thank you!!!). A truck meant a trip to the compost pile, a trip to the store to buy a shed, and another trip to buy wood and supplies. I don't have a true 'before' picture below, but imagine mounds of dirt and gravel with a bazillion weeds growing everywhere with a bunch of wood scraps and junk thrown in for good measure. And then Dave did some serious clean up and then it looked like this:
So much better already! Yesterday, our friend B came over to help build the frame for the shed to sit on. This is it in progress:
And then here it is in place and almost finished (the drill ran out of juice and needed a charge):
Yes, the pic is a little crooked. The platform is actually level. I made Dave check more than once! Then the floor and walls went up:
Looking good! Then the trusses were up for the roof:
Half of the roof went up and it got too dark to keep working. But tonight, the roof got finished:
Thanks to Michael for providing some muscle in finishing the roof and then helping Dave lift it on the platform. And then it was dark again! Here's what it looks like now:
Next the doors go on! Then a little lawn edging and we'll lay rock and we're done! I'll be sure to show you the finished project! 


  1. Wow awesome work you guys. I love it. Sheds are great for freeing up space in the garage (and even basement sometimes) Perfect size in a nice tucked away spot in your yard. Well done!