Wednesday, October 3, 2012

And then there were doors

Tonight our new shed got doors:
Hooray, it's finished! It didn't happen yesterday but we got out there after work today and the shed is now complete. I think it looks pretty good. This shed wasn't actually our first choice but we're happy with it. The one we had wanted (but was sold out) was solid beige, but I think the dark brown and black accents add a little pizazz since the shed is sitting beside our very, very beige garage. The windows are actually clear and frosted although they look dark in the pics. Here's another view just because:
It fits very nicely in this spot between the garage and fence. It's 7 feet by 7 feet if you're wondering. Dave also bolted it down to the wooden platform and started putting stuff in it. The patio furniture is now stored for the winter! And there's still room for more stuff!

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