Monday, October 15, 2012

Oh Kate

Just for fun, I regularly check the Kate Spade website to browse the new arrivals. The amount of polka dots and colour and just plain ol' fantasticness is sometimes too much. I mean look at this crazy cute watch:
Come on. Crazy cute! Kate Spade is happiness. I love the coloured polka dots with the black...and then there's that spade. I love that little spade. I've also admired this little beauty from afar:
A little more formal, no? It reminds me of my Hermes bracelet (the black enamel and silver one with the H) and that's why I love it so. I wouldn't get this watch because it's too matchy matchy with my bracelet but it's killer nice. That's all I'm saying. And I can't remember if I told you this already but I've been rocking my Kate Spade Gramercy Grand watch, which I got as an anniversary gift, and I l-o-v-e love it so I'm not exactly in the market for another Kate watch. Did I tell you I love my watch? First of all, it's pretty pink spade and pink second hand make me so happy it's ridiculous...and the other thing about it is that watches are awesome things to have. How did I exist without a watch for so long? Checking clocks and phones for the time is for suckers, yo. (And on that note, it's definitely time for bed!)

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