Saturday, October 20, 2012

My holiday to-do list

I have 17 days off from work (16 now since yesterday was day 1) and I have a list of things I would like to accomplish. Yesterday was spent sleeping in, taking pants to the tailor, buying some groceries, making a cheese ball and some delicious cheesecake stuffed strawberries (Shawna, I found the recipe here), and having 6 fantastic friends over for a games night. For the 3 who read my little blog, thanks for coming guys! We're lucky to have such great friends - they're all so funny, smart, and just fun to be around. I have yet to clean up the wine glasses from last night but am already thinking about my to-do list for the next couple weeks. 
I thought it might motivate me to accomplish my list if I posted it here and then wrote some updates along the way. So here it is in no particular order:
1) Finish needlepoint pillow
2) Buy material/supplies for making pillows
3) Sew 4 pillows
4) Make boot tray
5) Make and print art for kitchen frames
6) Attach weights to kitchen curtains
7) Hem bedroom curtains
8) Paint and hang up new house numbers
9) Clean make-up brushes and drawer
10) Paint nails
11) Go to the antiques and collectibles show...and find some treasures!
12) Clean silver necklaces
13) Watch 5 documentaries/movies: Being Elmo, Happy, The September Issue, Spellbound, Love Actually(!)
14) Wash mitts/hats/scarves
15) Buy and install record holders for stand

Quite a mix, hey? I've been making my list over the past couple of weeks and now it's go time. Here's a pic of what will be one of my more daunting tasks...sewing a pillow like this:
Dragonette advertisement in May 2010 Elle Decor
Okay, look past the bizzaro sculptures, the blah coffee table, the white quilted couch, the not-my-style lamps, and that folding screen with the big cats...the pillows have some serious potential. Not in the fall colours they are, but imagine one in grey velvet. Come on, use your imagination! It's going to be great (or it won't). We'll see!


  1. That's a great to-do list, can't wait to see all the finished products, enjoy your holidays.

    1. Thanks! Lots to do in between excessive amounts of sleeping!