Sunday, October 28, 2012

To-do list progress

I'm really enjoying my holidays...but I'm sure you could have guessed that! My to-do list is getting a bit shorter, which is awesome. Even more awesome is that I had a birthday trip to Edmonton so I couldn't work on my to-do list for a couple days! We had a great time shopping and eating (mmmm...Olive Garden!). After we got back, Dave made me a birthday cake. It was his first time baking a cake! Look how great it turned out:
Chocolatey goodness, hey? So yummy!
Thanks very much Dave!!!

I'll also give you an update on my to-do list. I crossed out what I've done so far:
1) Finish needlepoint
2) Buy material/supplies for making pillows
3) Sew 4 pillows (one is done)
4) Make boot tray
5) Make and print art for kitchen frames
6) Attach weights to kitchen curtains
7) Hem bedroom curtains
8) Paint and hang up new house numbers
9) Clean make-up brushes and drawer
10) Paint nails (I have twice already!)
11) Go to the antiques and collectibles show...and find some treasures!
12) Clean silver necklaces
13) Watch 5 documentaries/movies: Being Elmo, Happy, The September Issue, Spellbound, Love Actually(!)
14) Wash mitts/hats/scarves
15) Buy and install record holders for stand

Here's a pic of the one pillow I've finished so far:
It's navy blue velvet. Super soft and super cushy! I was really happy with how it turned out. The second one didn't go quite as smoothly but it's almost done too! Another thing that I accomplished, which was not really a lot of work, was cleaning my silver necklaces:
The spray polish and cloth make it a pretty easy job. A trick that one of the sales people told me was to keep silver jewelry in little plastic bags (like the kind buttons come in). I guess this way the air doesn't tarnish the silver. I think it actually works...I just need to be a little more consistent in putting them back in the bags after wearing them! And I also want to show you one of the treasures I bought at the antique and collectible show I went to:
I bought the perfume bottle on the right. The one on the left I got at my favorite antique shop a while back. The silver swirl stuff is actually silver-plated so I polished that too! Anyways, I think they're both super pretty and I will definitely be looking for more to add to my collection when I go antiquing again!


  1. Kelly you've been a busy women!! And I hope you had a lovely birthday in Edmonton, lucky girl!!! That cake looks super yummy!! WOW impressed!

    Love the perfume bottles, they look so elegant!!

    Miss you guys!

    1. Thanks NJM! Edmonton was super fun. IKEA was great as usual...the countdown is on for yours opening!!!